Broadcast comes online!

09/01/2014 14:19
Hey Guys! We will have a broadcast, but not live. Send us a email with the saying, what you need advice with, a story or more! The broadcast will be on youtube on our channel and from youtube to this site! Keep sending emails till the 22 of april 2014! The brodcast will go on at the 13 of may...

Don't tell...

08/01/2014 16:53
To the People who knows me... Please don't tell anybody because it is a mystery... shh!   _-The Head-_

Website launched

08/01/2014 10:45
Our new website has been launched today. Today after checking or being on Instagram and looking at my pics I got the Idea...  to share my sayings, other sayings I find and movie lines... that are nice, sweet, helpful, about life or even poetic sayings